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Anonymous asked: stfu & appreciate the fact that apple products are even available to purchase in ~ argentina ~ bye

nah like here the low-spec macbook pro is like 35000 pesos which is 4146 dollars so it’s almost as if they weren’t available to purchase here. like, the government puts a heavy tax on imports as there is some sort of assembly industry going on in the country. i got mine in london (it doesn’t have an ñ in the keyboard!! which makes it a bit uncomfortable but it’s alright anyway).

FUCK i can’t read anything

did anyone else update to yosemite and hate helvetica as well? seriously i don’t even know why i like this font it’s horrible.


Thomas Struth:   Art Restorers at San Lorenzo Maggiore, Naples, Italy.


Thomas Struth:   Art Restorers at San Lorenzo Maggiore, Naples, Italy.

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reminder than that one of the most important works of philosophy in the western world is called THE GAY SCIENCE.

Anonymous asked: Do the Italians in Argentina celebrate Columbus Day?


Ya but it’s called Día del Respeto a la Diversidad Cultural (Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity) which it’s very appropriate imo

i was going to write something else here, but anyway fun fact about argentina and colombus day.

our house of government (like, where the executive power is) has a statue of colombus behind that the italian community donated to argentina. why the italian community feels so tied to colombus is beyond me.

argentina has good diplomatic relations with venezuela, so hugo chavez visits buenos aires and he sees the statue of colombus and goes like, why do you have a statue of colombus behind your house of government.

thing is the president then tried to move the statue to somewhere else that wasn’t the very back of the house of government and they had like five ngos and the whole italian community opposed (because also by this point chavez had died which made the cause bizarrely important i suppose).

anyway, finally the president got the city congress to pass the law that moves the statue of colombus and the justice ended up saying  whatever it’s not that important where the statue of colombus is anyway.

the end.


me: *looks at my bank account*
me: ‘there are no facts, only interpretations’ - nietzsche

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  • me: i need help with this midterm
  • me: can you come tomorrow morning
  • her: yes
  • her: wait what
  • her: morning
  • me: yes
  • me: 1 pm
  • me: public holiday morning
  • her: oh
Bob Dylan

—Don't Think Twice, It's All Right

Anonymous asked: turn down for what

for my gpa. my brother literally rented a beer keg from the bar i like the most and i’m going to a friend’s to study.

this was a very inconvinient ask.

i know i’ve made significant progress because now each time i see someone from argentina going to an ivy league school in the united states instead of making an angry post on tumblr i just go get a glass of water #PROGRESS image


[me drawing 7s with a little line through them to impress girls in the library]: hmm. what? yes, i always draw 7s like this. it’s normal for me.

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i try to avoid calling the u.s. america because it’s not okay and it’s the name of an entire continent and etc etc but instead i end up calling it the states and it’s like.

The States.

The only States.

no other state than the united states of america. not even city states. no sparta. only united states of america.


Andreas Volwahsen

Living Architecture: India - 1969

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i always find it very weird when people say they their spouses are their best friends because if i had married any of my best friends i would be divorced and currently dealing with an extreme inferiority complex.