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tbh very tired of international news outlets excoticizing my country’s financial issues.

berlin is very cool and looks like new york more than you would think you should all go there.

i’m in paris and i’ve 100% gone through the tourist in paris experience i’ve

  1. bought an overpriced book in shakespeare & co
  2. been pickpocketed (just my guidebook though i feel sad for the poor guy)
  3. scoffed at american tourists for missing basic social cues when visiting a foreign country

except drinking beer maybe. there you go, captain haddock’s alcoholism explained.

pretty sure the only reason tintin travelled around the world is that there’s absolutely nOTHING to do in Brussels.

hey all if you’re interested in what’s been going on with my life/concerned as i haven’t been posting here all the time/offended because i have something else to do with my life then you can follow me on instagram where i put on pictures of my trip to europe with accompanying captions in a language you don’t understand since they didn’t take spanish in high school.


Anonymous asked: You're welcome! Where did you decide to go?

hey! if the swedish guys from my hostel come back before it’s too late i’d be going to shoreditch. but they’re probably not so :/ (i went in the day today anyway and when i was going back i took the wrong bus and ended up like in spitalfields — so i don’t really trust my sense of orientation going on my own + i went out yesterday on my own and decided i can’t do that).

i’ll be going to brighton tomorrow morning. i’ll let you know how it goes. thanks for the help!

hey thanks francisco serum114 ‘s anon.

hey thanks francisco serum114 ‘s anon.

Anonymous asked: Anywhere in/around Shoreditch is a good choice if you're looking for the "independent" vibe. You won't have to look far. As for potential day trips: there are decent train links in the UK. You can be in either Oxford, Cambridge or Brighton all in under an hour, and they're all worth a visit. Maybe Brighton because it's on the coast and the most "edgy".

hey thanks! i might actually go to brighton + shoreditch at night tomorrow.

seriously thanks so much for the help, really.

hey what’s up if anybody here’s been to/lives in lodon:

  1. cool bars to go. i’ve already been told queen of hoxton. i don’t trust time out and that sort of sites.
  2. cool place to go nearby (like, one/1.5 hours away)




tbh i don’t know if i’m more sad because we lost or because i’m not at home being sad with my friends.


i’m angry as fuck but i’m also very proud of argentina, we’ve done a great match after all and we totally deserved to win.


i’m in london and i’m super happy to be travelling and shit but tbh i didn’t figure travelling alone would be slightly boring.

like, i’m alone 80% of the time why can’t i be alone in another continent.